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This year FIBO, the International Trade Fair for Fitness, Wellness and Health, took place in Cologne. Industry visitors alongside sports and fitness enthusiasts visited the show and were greeted by more than 720 exhibitors. TOGU UK were there, giving clients the opportunity to investigate products such as the air-filled Actiroll, the Balanza Ballstep, the Original Powerball ABS and the Original Dynair Ballkissen.

VERSATILE AND EFFECTIVE: THE TOGU UK ACTIROLL – The Actiroll is an air-filled, firm fascia roller that allows the user to adjust the degree of firmness by pump, to the level they require. It releases tension and adhesions by using body weight and can be used in many different ways. The air-filling has an absorbing, cushioning effect. This enables the user to reach myofascial structures without risk of injury, including rolling over joints and vertebral bodies. Two versions promise a deep massage effect: The Actiroll Rumble with nubs, and the new Actiroll Wave with a rippled surface. The material is easy to clean, skin-friendly, odour-free and 100% recyclable.

VARIED AND DYNAMIC: THE BALANZA BALLSTEP – The Balanza Ballstep is made of a specially developed wooden panel on four robust air-filled balls. It will win you over with its diverse and varied application options, as well as with its positive effects on the motor system. Finding balance on this dynamic support requires concentration, co-ordination, physical awareness and mobility. These constant balancing movements and their dynamism activates deep muscle groups, which are important for a healthy back and the stability of the body.

INNOVATIVE AND BACK-FRIENDLY: ORIGINAL POWERBALL ABS – The secret of the Powerball ABS series lies in the production method and the material used. TOGU UK products are made from an individual piece, meaning there are no seams that can tear. Training with these innovative balls challenges co-ordination and balance. The TOGU UK Powerball ABS range was awarded the AGR Seal of Approval from “Aktion Gesunder Rücken” an organisation promoting healthy posture for a healthy back. Independent medical and science experts have tested the training equipment and confirm the back-friendly and health-promoting construction of the Powerball ABS.

HANDY AND DYNAMIC: THE ORIGINAL DYNAIR BALLKISSEN – The air-filled Ballkissen enables dynamic sitting and training, thanks to its special shape and high quality material. The moving support means that constant balancing movements are required, creating phases of muscle tension and relaxation. The spinal discs are kept gently moving, training the spine muscles. An upright posture can be optimised in this way. As the cushion is very handy and can be taken anywhere, it is also highly practical.

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