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TOGU UK are the leading suppliers of health, wellness and medical products in the UK with an unrivalled reputation for quality and design. The Solo PT Package has been specifically tailored to accommodate a variety of fitness concepts and will allow you to operate on all levels of your client’s fitness abilities!

What’s in it for you?

Powerball ABS: The only burst-proof exercise ball made of odourless material and free of latex and forbidden phthalates, designed for safe, effective and dynamic back training. 500 kg maximum load and burst-proof up to 90 kg if damaged by an object.

Jumper: The most dynamic, high quality fitness product on the market. Using pressure distribution by proven Dynair technology, you’ll get your clients moving in ways they never thought they could! High stability on ankle joints and a ‘Better Grip’ surface. Both sides of this product are usable. Great for high and low impact workouts!

Balanza: Stabilisation and coordination training in a new and challenging way. Underneath the stable wooden plate is a durable air-filled ball, permitting the user to train on a dynamic surface, targeting a specific joint or muscle group. It can be used in standing positions, in combination with other training tools or in a push-up position because of the handles.

Powerband: With a huge range of uses, and recognised throughout the world by physiotherapists and sports professionals, Powerband exercise bands are a simple and effective solution for your rehabilitation and training needs.

All TOGU UK Products are:
Latex free
Free of forbidden phathalates
100% recyclable
Water resistant
Abrasion resistant
Made in Germany

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