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According to research, Children’s fitness has declined globally by more that 5 percent since 1975. Did you know that children today take 90 seconds longer to run a mile than 30 years ago? According to Dr Karen Martin, this decline in physical activity may have far greater consequences on society than what we realise. Our children may be at risk of mental health. The global trend in the reduced number of hours that children are participating in physical activities and organised sports is worrying. Not only is this reduction in physical activity harmful to a child’s physical health, but research indicates that it is also preventing children from learning and achieving better grades.

Dr Karen Martin suggests than increased participation in sport (and physical activity) can enhance memory, concentration and cognitive function, and taking part in sport and recreational activities helps to build stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities. Physical activity not only benefits children’s learning, but research suggests that even just a short bout of exercise can benefit a child’s cognitive function. Other studies have shown that children engaged in regularly exercise can increase concentration and attention.

Part of the problem is that sport and exercise is no longer ‘fun’ for kids, and there are too many other ‘fun’ sedentary distractions today. TOGU UK has been working with kids and nursery school teachers to develop products and tools that are fun and challenging for our young generation. TOGU UK’s new range of Child Play products are a big hit with young children, and did you know that while kids are playing with TOGU UK products they are not only developing their physical bodies and getting stronger, but they are getting smarter.


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