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Active Sitting Promotes a Healthy Back

In today’s society, we all spend a lot of time sitting down. Whether we are at home, in the office or even on holiday, we often find ourselvesin a seated position. What if this time could be used to improve the health and wellbeing of your spine? With TOGU UK it can!
Designed especially to assist with the prevention of back problems, active sitting is the ideal solution to effectively strengthen the muscles around the spine with very little effort. To help with this, TOGU UK have developed the Ballkissen range, which includes air-filled sitting surfaces that train the core muscles, amongst others, and further activate the body’s sense of equilibrium.

Strong back muscles are absolutely essential
Almost no other muscles group is as important as the back and core muslces. They are used for stability and flexibility of the spine, and help to ensure an upright posture can be maintained.  Because of bad posture and insufficient training, a lot of people suffer from back pain, which is one fo the most frequent causes of people unable to go into work. Well-developed muscles and a healthy level of mobility in this area can aid with the prevention of tension and pain.

Minimal effort, great effect
Many people have insufficient time to exercise after work, indeed many people struggle to perform any physical activity because of their working commitments. This is where TOGU UK can help. With products such as the Dynair Cardo Ballkissen and the Dynair Premium Wedge Ballkissen, the time you spend sitting down can double as time you spend training your back. The Dynair Range of products are constantly moving whilst you sit on them, meaning that contact balancing movements are required, which creates phases of muscle tension and relaxation

Expert opinion: The Dynair Ballkissen
Independent scientific and medical experts in Germany have awarded the Dynair Ballkissen, which has an adjustable air supply, with the AGR Quality Seal, an award given by an organisation that promotes healthy posture for a healthy back. However it isn’t just the users who are happy, doctors too confirm the advantages of the Dynair Range. Dr. Gerrit Sommer said that ‘thanks to the functional shape and dynamic adaptation (of the Dynair products), back problems can be prevented. The notion of active sitting means that torso-stabilising muscles are activated so that rigid misalignment caused by sitting is avoided.’

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