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PAB (Pressure Air Biofeedback) Pro Software


Technology feedback for patients, the perfect tool for isometric training and measuring muscle strength. E.g. it proves to be valuable for rehabilitation after a knee surgery or a therapy after a stroke by measuring the strength of the a­cted muscle groups. the wires connect to all air filled TOGU products. This device is affordable, easy to use and all the accessories that can be connected are latex and phthalate free, odourless, waterproof and made in Germany.


PAB stands for ‘pressure air biofeedback’ and uses air to measure muscle strength. It can provide valuable information for rehabilitation after a surgery by measuring the strength of the affected muscle groups. The PAB device is connected by a hose to a suitable TOGU product and transfers the measured data through a USB Port connection to the computer. Every motion is displayed as a Strength-Chart on the computer screen, and previous results can also be compared. The PAB Pro version allows for up to four PAB devices to be used at the same time, additional workout and strength calculations and 2 installations that can be used for a PC at home and at work.


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