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Dynair Cardo Ballkissen


Be healthy in the way you sit and strengthen the back at any age. This product has a 30 year warranty. The Dynair Cardo Ballkissen is latex free, phthalate free, odourless, water resistant, abrasion resistant, 100% recyclable and made in Germany.

Size: 36cm

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With such a wide selection of colours the TOGU Dynair Cardo Ballkissen is a perfect personal product. This smooth, adjustable air cushion allows for controlled dynamic sitting due to its square shape. It is well suited for people starting back training or therapy. It can strengthen the torso and muscles by keeping the vertebrae gently moving, even while you are sitting. This product is designed especially to relieve back pain and to create an improved comfort while seated. With a 30 year warranty it is no wonder why customers love this product.


Black, Blue, Dark-Blue, Dark-Red, terra


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